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EQConline is a website intended for embryologists and technicians working in reproductive biology laboratories, but also to anyone interested in human reproduction.

Most pages of the website are freely accessible. The “Access Test” section, allows you to participate in various external Quality Controls. Should you be interested in participating in one of the QC/QA schemes, please contact us using the Register option. The main requirement is that you are or were involved in an embryology laboratory and are trained in grading gametes and embryos.


Brief history of the site development

  • 2007: The website was created under the cover of the FABER Foundation and intended for embryologists working in Switzerland.
  • 2011: The website was made available to colleagues from several European countries.
  • 2012: EQConline was created as an independent structure.
  • 2014: The website was totally rebuilt from the grounds in order to integrate management functionalities and multilingual features. It was then opened to all professionals working in the field of reproductive biology and andrology.
  • 2015: A specific section for andrology is created, including concentration, motility, morphology, and vitality.

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